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Each month you will save money with Cyber Space. We are up to 80% less expensive than other storage. Take a look at our Comparison Page or see below.

5 x 5 Climate Control Unit

Facility NameMonthly CostCompared to Us
Cyber Space$ 36.00N/A
Simply Storage South$ 45.0040% Higher
Simply Storage Minneapolis$ 49.0052% Higher
Lock Up$ 59.0084% Higher
Minneapolis Self Storage$ 60.0087% Higher
South Minneapolis Storage$ 66.00105% Higher

Patented Technology


Cyber Space is the most efficient and accessible storage available. We use our patented technology to give you online visual access to your items. Simply photograph all of your items as they go into storage using our camera. The images are uploaded to our Cyber Space server, and you are sent a user name and password for immediate access.

Once you log in, you can view all of your items on line in the safety of your own home or wherever you have an Internet connection. Cyber Space is the only storage company that allows you online access to your stored items!

Your Benefits


Visual Access


Add as many items as you need to your cart. Once you have added your items to the cart, you then choose from all of your access options. You can even turn your items into cash by selling them on eBay!

Access Options

  • Schedule a time to deliver your item.
  • Schedule a time to pickup your item.
  • You can sell items on eBay.
  • Donate something to Goodwill.
  • Recycle items you no longer want.



9230 Xylon Ave N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
Phone: 612-294-3737

Lock in on the current rate below by reserving now. NO credit card required, and we even pro-rate your storage by the day!

Storage Features

Unit SizeRateReserve Your Space
7 x 4 (28 Square Feet) 0-10 vaults 45.00
7 x 4 (28 Square Feet) 11-15 vaults 45.00
7 x 4 (28 Square Feet) 16-20 vaults 45.00
7 x 4 (28 Square Feet) 21+ Vaults 45.00

One-time $25.00 administrative fee on all rentals.


Are Traditional Storage Facilities Safe?


Cyber Space president and owner Molly Seeley has researched the safety and security of traditional self storage facilities and found several areas of concern. For example, several traditional facilities allow public access without video surveillance or security.

Traditional self-storage facilities do not screen the customers, and they allow anyone in their facilities. There are no back-ground checks, and you could be the neighbor next to "someone not so nice" something to think about when you show up for access at the same time.

Read about Security Issue


Are Traditional Storage Lockers Secure?


For some facilities, daily complaints are posted about units getting locks cut off, horrible customer service, break-ins, flooding or bad drainage, and on and on. Traditional units are not secure, and the storage facility will not insure your items if your locker is broken into.

The majority of these facilities do not even provide fire protection: no sprinkler systems, alarms, or even fire extinguishers within reach of the lockers. The facilities lack all the safety, first aid and emergency response equipment deeded given the hazards of this environment.

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Secure Systems


Cyber Space Convenience

Cyber Space is more secure than self-storage units for access and for storing your items. You don't have to go into dark corridors, down long halls or be alone in the middle of a storage facility. We will bring the item you want to your car, or right to your home or business!

We only allow our trusted staff into our facility to retrieve your items. When you need to retrieve an item, our qualified staff will receive an email and get your item for you. The general public is not allowed into your Security Area, and that can give you peace of mind.


Moving Services


Are you currently in self storage and want to save with Cyber Space? We will move you in for FREE using our moving partner Local Motion! We ask that you stay with us for six months and enjoy the savings!

Local Motion has been moving individuals and families throughout the Twin Cities for nearly 20 years, and has a great reputation for excellence. They will assist you with moving, packing and unpacking services. They can even bring storage to you and help you with loading your units.

Move out of your current storage and save money storing with us! If your current storage is within five miles of one of our locations, Local Motion will move you at no charge!

Visit Local Motion's Website


In the News


Minnesota Business

Molly Seeley put a patent on possibly the final frontier for web-based conveniences: self storage.

The Invention

Remote access to computerized inventory, including images of items stored in a each customer's storage unit.

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Start Your Own Cyber Space


We are looking to grow Cyber Space with partners that have existing vaulted or portable storage systems. It you meet these requirements and would like to provide your customers online access to their stored items, then Contact Us for additional information.


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"Your entire crew was great! We were thoroughly impressed and hope we have the same group when we move again."

Jennifer Tingley
Mendota Heights
2015-10-29 15:16:57